Podcamp Seattle

From the event’s website:

“PodCamp is an informal ‘unconference’ event where people come together to connect, learn and share about online social tools, such as blogging, podcasting, videoblogging, Twitter, wikis, virtual worlds, etc. Our Seattle event is aimed at new media enthusiasts, marketers, PR and ad people, and technologists. Curious about Twitter? Wondering where consumers are leading marketers? Trying to figure out which microphone is best for podcasting? This event is for you! All skill levels are welcome to attend.

This event co-sponsored by Seattle Ad Club, Puget Sound AMA, the University of Washington, Edelman Digital and the Seattle Podcasting Network.

Like other podcamps, this is an informal, 5- or 6-hour ‘unconference’ event where you show up, don a name badge, mingle with other new media enthusiasts, and check out the sessions/discussions that interest you. During sessions, you might see someone videoblogging the talk, someone else live-blogging about the videoblogger, a Flickr photographer snapping photos, and other folks discussing the whole experience on a Twitter backchannel. Whether you’re a newbie who wants to learn more or a wired geek looking to connect with others, this event is for you!

Unlike other podcamps, we will not be pitching our own companies, products or technologies. PodCamp Seattle will focus on topical learning and in-person networking. Come out, meet others and learn!”

Free registration here.