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Following Sale of Haiku Deck, Adam Tratt Reflects on Startup Life 12/20/18 Seattle
Haiku Deck Obtains $550,000 New Funding Round 10/21/15 San Francisco
Haiku Deck Receives $170,949 New Funding Round 06/05/15 San Francisco
Haiku Deck Taps Artificial Intelligence for Automatic Presentations 03/05/15 Seattle
Roundup: News from Everpath, Haiku Deck, Planetary Resources & More 11/21/13 Seattle
Haiku Deck Secures $3,000,000 Series A Financing Round 04/03/13 San Francisco
Haiku Deck Rises From the Ashes of ‘Mix-N-Match with Sir Mix-A-Lot’ 03/07/13 Seattle
Seattle Week in Review: Heat, Haiku, Hard Choices 08/19/16 Seattle
Seattle Roundup: Indix, Haiku, Livemocha, WebTuner, and More 04/03/13 Seattle
Productivity in Your Pocket 08/11/16 Seattle
Slide Bureau Brings Another Approach to Sparkling Presentations 02/26/14 Seattle
FiftyThree, Maker of Paper App, Raises $15M To Build New Tools 06/18/13 Seattle
Roundup: Funding for Apex, Seeq, Highline, and More Seattle News 06/04/13 Seattle
Do You Have A Story to Tell? Here Are the Digital Tools You’ll Need 05/24/13 National
Life After PowerPoint: Prezi Zooms Ahead in Digital Storytelling 05/10/13 National
Flowboard App Is Platform For ‘Touch Publishing’ on iPad 04/18/13 Seattle
See You This Afternoon at Mobile Madness Northwest 12/12/12 Seattle
Mobile Madness NW: Big Ticket Sale Ends Today 12/04/12 Seattle
Mobile Madness Northwest: The Big Agenda for our Dec. 12 Forum 12/03/12 Seattle
Roundup: DreamBox, Resolution Tube, & Qazzow Funded; U District Startups 12/19/13 Seattle
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