Autonomic CEO Gavin Sherry on Mobility, China, and Data Privacy

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emerging technologies in transportation. This is because the openness and design of the TMC lets us support developers and automakers by doing the heavy back-end lifting and data normalization, enabling the creators of the new technologies to truly devote themselves to developing new and transformative transportation experiences.

One of the emerging technologies that we at Autonomic are most excited about is from one of our partners, Swarm, which has developed a low-cost solution to one of the main barriers to global vehicle connectivity. Swarm has created a new satellite stabilization scheme for small, low-mass satellites that are cheaper to launch and have less power usage than conventional satellites. The upshot is that these low-cost satellites create a network that enables global connectivity, which is hugely important for vehicle connectivity.

An example is with fleet managers, who are able to have a true, real-time view of their operations in places where cellular connectivity is scarce or non-existent.

[Editor’s note: This is part of a series of posts sharing thoughts from technology leaders about 2018 trends and 2019 forecasts.]

Photo courtesy of Autonomic and Ford Smart Mobility

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