Rivaling Google, Web-Mining Startup Diffbot Opens Knowledge Graph to All

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monthly rates for big enterprises that need specialized integrations and significant amounts of consulting time. The company plans to continue building integrations with commonly used business tools such as Salesforce and Excel, to broaden the range of people able to use the resource.

“It’ll be a little more self-service,” Tung says. He expects the Diffbot Knowledge Graph to level the playing field and cause disruption in some sectors. For example, it could make an insightful team in a garage startup competitive with established data firms. “They could have the same knowledge as the most sophisticated quantitative analysts on Wall Street,” Tung says.

Diffbot won’t track the activity of customers, Tung says. “We believe users should have total control over their own queries,” he says. The company gathers only public information, and doesn’t make private information public, he adds.

The goal Tung has set for Diffbot now is to become “an iconic public company, like an Amazon of data providing this service to everyone.”

Acquisition offers aren’t being considered at this point. “We’re not really open to that right now,” Tung says. “I don’t have confidence that any of the big tech companies could continue our mission capably and ethically.”

Photo of Diffbot team: Courtesy of Diffbot

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