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Virtual Physical Therapy Firms Reflexion and MindMaze Probe Markets

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Microsoft’s Kinect spatial camera; motion-sensing technology that tracks 22 joints of the body as their positions change during an exercise; and the analysis of those patterns to compare with the ideal motions that would lead to healing rather than pain. Streaming video of the exercise sessions is also sent to therapists. (Reflexion is assessing other camera systems, in case Microsoft’s Kinect’s system is discontinued, Smith says.)

MindMaze augmented its own motion-tracking system with the 2017 acquisition of motion measurement and analysis company GaitUp. The company has also developed another high-tech product it expects to incorporate into its rehabilitation systems someday—a foam VR headset insert called MASK that picks up signals from the face and interprets them as facial expressions. That reflects MindMaze’s broad ambition to create an interface between technology and the brain.

But for now, both MindMaze and Reflexion are aiming for market traction with their initial products.

Smith says Reflexion may expand the scope of its system to rehabilitation for shoulders and back pain this year. He says the company has a “large and growing” group of customers, but didn’t reveal numbers. Since Reflexion raised $18 million in a Series B funding round in 2016, it has received incremental investments that haven’t been publicly disclosed, he says.

MindMaze raised $100 million in a funding round led by the Hinduja Group in 2016, when investors agreed on a valuation of more than $1 billion. The company’s MindMotion PRO systems are available on the European market, where 1,300 patients at 45 treatment centers have used them, Tadi says. But he declined to say how many of the systems have been sold or leased.

Asked whether government and private insurers have agreed to reimburse the cost of MindMaze’s products or services, Tadi says, “Every country has a unique way of calculating reimbursements, and we are working with various stakeholders on these issues so that we can find a way to provide support for as many patients as possible.”

Photo courtesy of Reflexion Health

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