Simply Hired Ranks Top Tech Regions In Mid-Summer Jobs Report Card

Simply Hired, an international job search engine based in Sunnyvale, CA, put out some sunny news for U.S. job hunters today—especially if you’re a tech-savvy worker.

Positions for technology workers made up almost 10 percent of the millions of U.S. job listings tracked by the company in July. Nationwide, openings in all sectors rose for the sixth consecutive month.

In a finding that will surprise no one, tech jobs accounted for more than 30 percent of listings in the region that includes San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Simply Hired counted 59,351 tech listings there in July.

But other Xconomy regions followed close behind as hiring centers where tech job opportunities amount to a major slice of total employment offered in all fields.

—In Seattle, the 20,995 tech listings made up more than 24 percent of total openings;
—In Austin, TX, it was nearly 24 percent with 10,896 open technology positions
—In Raleigh-Durham, NC, the 10,897 tech listings accounted for nearly 22 percent of openings;
—In Denver, the 14, 741 vacant tech positions made up more than 19 percent of all listings.

Across the nation, a total of 466,458 tech jobs opened up.

The specialists most in demand nationwide were software engineers, network engineers, web developers, QA engineers, and data scientists.

“Technology has secured its place as one of the dominant hiring industries, accounting for 9.3 percent of jobs nationwide and over 450,000 open positions available today,” Simply Hired CEO James Beriker said in the company report. “Especially noteworthy is the demand for the new – and well-paid – role of data scientist which blends business insights with math, statistics, and algorithms to solve strategic problems and drive companies forward.”

Interestingly, data scientists commanded the top average salary nationwide at $107,000, followed by QA engineers at $83,000, and software engineers at $73,000, according to Simply Hired’s analysis.

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