Tech Pup of the Day: Jobvite’s Pancake

Xconomy San Francisco — 

Many workers in Silicon Valley have overcome enormous obstacles to achieve brilliant success in technology fields. But it’s always inspiring to read another story that shows what leaps are possible for those willing to put in the effort.

No one would have expected this relatively new staff member at San Mateo, CA-based Jobvite to move up the corporate ladder so fast. His educational background is scanty, yet he’s now a member of the executive team. He hardly qualifies as a model—in fact, some people find his looks scary—yet his mug is now featured prominently in the marketing and communications outreach of Jobvite, a meeting place for job seekers and recruiters.

Name: Pancake

Title: Top Dog

Company: Jobvite, San Mateo, CA

Profile: English Bulldog, male, seven years old. Despite forbidding expression, became standout corporate marketing icon and public face of Jobvite

Job Duties:

  • Pose for photos that enhance corporate web pages, e-mails, announcements, blogposts, and apologies in website error messages. Look dignified in superhero cape.
  • Walk down aisles full of adoring fans at Jobvite yearly conference, join fellow executives on  stage.
  • Graciously accept shower of little gifts sent by Jobvite customers who’ve met him at conferences. “He’s such a celebrity here,” says Pancake co-worker Mai Nakamura.
  • Greet job candidates at Jobvite offices. “He’s real!” they coo. “It’s kind of like being around a cartoon character,” Nakamura says.
  • Attend meetings of executives and co-workers
  • Conduct frequent daily patrols of Jobvite offices
  • Serve as drop-in office therapist, prescribe frequent work breaks
  • Consume bananas, carrots, Greenies and other treats pressed on him by co-workers who scrutinize his menu of approved foods to avoid upsetting his delicate stomach
  • Require staff members to transcend their prejudices against co-workers who always look kind of mad, but are actually calm, gentle souls. “You have to earn his love,” Nakamura says.
  • Clean kitchen floor with his tongue. “He goes after all the little crumbs that fall,” Nakamura says.

Educational background, awards: Graduate of puppy training school; Won second place  in canine Mean Mugs competition; Kicked out of puppy day care when classmates resented his emerging leadership abilities.

Notable colleagues: Co-worker, Pancake housemate and chauffeur Mai Nakamura, Jobvite lead web developer

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