Big Data: Everything You Need to Know!

This is Founder Space’s Big Data Event of the Year, covering everything you need to know about big data. Use discount code “25OFF” for 25% off for our Xconomy readers!


  • David Feinleib, Angel Investor & Author of “Big Data Bootcamp”
  • Jake Flomenberg, Accel Ventures
  • Bruce Cleveland, Interwest Capital
  • Mark Gorenberg, Zetta Venture Partners
  • David Feinleib, Data Guru & Angel Investor
  • And more!

They’ll go in depth on all aspects of Big Data:

  • Why is big data critical to every startup?
  • How to best monetize your data?
  • Who are the players in big data?
  • How to pitch your data to investors?
  • Which technologies are critical to understand?
  • What lies in the future of big data?

Register today at Remember to use discount code “25OFF”.