Corporate Innovation Summit

From the event organizers:

The path to growth can lead in many directions. But growth leaders are sharpening their focus on innovation as the most promising route to long-term, sustainable growth.

To supplement traditional new product and service development, larger businesses are looking to acquire innovation – through investment or more directly by buying smaller, younger start-up businesses.

Identifying the right target companies to partner with, cultivating relationships, and developing joint value propositions can be fraught with uncertainty and risk for all parties involved.

The Corporate Innovation Summit is a one-day conference dedicated to developing and maintaining relationships between the corporate investor and the promising start-up. The objective of the event is to provide both parties with actionable information, practical strategies and shared best practices for mutual success.

For Start-ups, the conference will help you:

• Understand what corporate investment groups are seeking

• Learn from start-ups that have taken corporate venture capital

• Heighten your business’s attractiveness to corporate investors

• Discover and approach corporate venture groups.

For Corporate Venture Funds, we will focus on how to:

• Identify unique value and differentiation

• Seize opportunity in tomorrow’s great idea

• Execute effectively to maximize value

• Case studies in successful partnerships; what worked and why

The goal is to deliver insight not just on your role in a prospective partnership, but to convey a real sense of what all parties are seeking in the marketplace for new ideas.

Beyond the day’s rich content, you will have the opportunity to network, deliver your pitch and identify promising new relationships.

We’ve lined up a stellar group of speakers, experts and start-ups. In turn, we expect this to be a lively and interactive event offering tremendous return on investment for attendees, sponsors and speakers alike.”

Information and registration here.