PARC Innovation Lab

From the organizers:

“Come behind the scenes at PARC to learn The Business of Breakthroughs. Our clients often ask us to teach them “the PARC way”: the human-centered technology innovation methods behind many world-changing inventions—from laser printing to contextual intelligence and printed electronics. Now executives with responsibility for innovation can turbocharge their effectiveness by participating in this exclusive, immersive lab, whether their business is technology or just depends on it.

Let PARC inventors and social scientists guide you through putting theory into practice, with hands-on exercises to reinforce short lectures. You will also learn from a series of guest speakers from PARC labs sharing the latest on their leading-edge research and how it is being applied to the challenges of our age. We place a high value on bringing together experienced leaders from diverse business backgrounds, reinforcing everyone’s learning through rich discussions both inside and outside the classroom.

At The PARC Innovation Lab you will discover how to unleash creativity, experiment efficiently, explore new business models, and manage innovation in your own organization. From translating insights into groundbreaking products and services to building a more effective innovation culture, you will come away with a wealth of practical approaches you can apply immediately.

Who Should Attend?

Senior directors and executives from product management, product development, or innovation units who are tasked with leading innovation efforts for their company.”

Information, pricing, and registration here.