Computerworld Open Business Conference

From the organizers:

Open Business Conference offers the chance to connect with developers, users and companies behind significant open-source, mobile and cloud technologies. These technologies include HTML5 frameworks like jQuery and SproutCore, NoSQL databases like Mongo, Big Data technologies like Hadoop and Cassandra, and cloud platforms like OpenStack and Cloud Foundry.

Attend Open Business 2014 and you will discover…

  • How tools for leveraging data have opened up almost completely. From Hadoop to Open Stack to NoSQL and technologies like MongoDB, never have so many powerful technologies been available to so many. As Big Data matures, these tools are becoming increasingly accessible.
  • Ways to traverse the “last mile” of Big Data, whereby the complexity of Big Data technologies is moderated by applications.
  • Strategies for building data-rich mobile services with open APIs to help navigate the confusing labyrinth of cloud computing projects.
  • Why using Open Source and the Cloud can help better manage the BYOD trend.
  • The best recruitment and training strategies to empower employees to take advantage of Big Data and associated cloud and mobile technologies.

Information and registration here.