Xconomy Forum: Robo Madness 2014

Will you be able to build your next robot at home from parts made on a 3D printer? Will a DARPA contest give birth to a new generation of humanoid rescue or helper robots? And when did Google become a robotics company, anyway?

Robots have always excelled at dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs like building cars, finding nuclear-reactor leaks, or exploring the oceans and planets, but now they’re turning up in all sorts of new and surprising places, and being groomed to work right alongside humans. They’re driving on our highways, moving medical supplies, connecting remote workplaces, and even teaching our children. If the next big frontier for robots is the home, the hospital, or the classroom, what does that mean for the businesses buying robots, the people working with them, and the inventors building them?

At Xconomy’s third annual robotics forum—hosted by SRI International during National Robotics Week—we’ll grapple with the social, economic, and entrepreneurial questions arising as the robotics revolution hits home.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Helen Greiner
    • Founder and CEO, CyPhy Works
  • Scott Hassan
    • CEO, Suitable Technologies
  • Jason Calaiaro
    • Lead Engineer, Matternet
  • Curt Carlson
    • President and CEO, SRI International
  • Ryan Gariepy
    • Co-founder and CTO, Clearpath Robotics
  • Brian Gerkey
    • CEO, Open Source Robotics Foundation
  • James Gosling
    • Chief Software Architect, Liquid Robotics
  • Vikas Gupta
    • Founder and CEO, Play-i
  • Peter Hebert
    • Co-founder and Managing Partner, Lux Capital
  • William Li
    • Chairman and CEO, Knightscope
  • Rich Mahoney
    • Director of the Robotics Program, SRI International
  • David Mindell
    • Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and of the History of Technology, MIT
  • Paolo Pirjanian
    • CTO, iRobot
  • Graham Ryland
    • Co-founder and President, Barobo (Linkbot)
  • Aydin Senkut
    • Founder and Managing Director, Felicis Ventures
  • Aubrey Shick
    • Founder and CEO, Origami Robotics
  • Frank Tobe
    • Editor, The Robot Report; Co-founder, Robo-stox
  • Melonee Wise
    • Co-founder and CEO, Unbounded Robotics
  • Devdutt Yellurkar
    • Partner, Charles River Ventures
  • Special Guest: John Markoff
    • Senior Writer, The New York Times

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Registration: 12:00 – 1:00 pm

Program: 1:00 – 5:30 pm

Networking Reception: 5:40 – 6:30 pm

Full agenda here

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Saver Rate (ends April 1): $150

Regular Registration: $175

Startup Special: $75

Student Registration: $20

At the Door: $295

Demo Space: $1,000

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Demo Space—Startup: $500

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