MIT Technology Review Digital Summit

From the organizers:

“The MIT Technology Review Digital Summit examines tomorrow’s digital technologies and explains their global impact on both business and society. You’ll get insider access to the innovative people and companies at the heart of the next wave of the digital revolution.

Our dynamic lineup of speakers will examine:

  • The Internet of Things
    With the rise of cheap sensors, and the number of mobile devices projected to surpass the number of humans on the planet this year, everything will be connected. What are the implications for our cars, homes, commerce, health, and cities?
  • The Disappearing Interface
    Wearable smart technology is the newest to enhance everyday experiences. From watches to printable, bendable, electronics to breakthrough technologies that simplify our interaction with data and devices on the go, these innovations are changing the way we think about computing.
  • Digital Privacy
    The convenience of mobile technology has proved irresistible to individuals and organizations alike. But with each “Like” on Facebook and each smart-phone interaction, we are giving Silicon Valley more information about us. How can we keep our personal data secure in the face of rapid technological change?”

Information and registration here.