CMX Summit

From the event organizers:

“CMX Summit is a new event bringing together the world’s greatest community minds to share unique perspectives, experiences and ideas all around community building.

Community comes hand-in-hand with humanity. Since the beginning of time people have formed communities to survive, innovate and thrive.

Today, communities have expanded to massive scale that can exist beyond physical borders, involving millions of people. At the same time, online tools are making it possible for people to come together and help each other offline in exciting and innovative ways.

More people are building communities for a living today than ever before in history.

As the community space continues to grow rapidly, we felt that there was a missing resource for community builders and professionals to have meaningful conversations around their experiences and ideas while being inspired by the true leaders in the community space.

CMX Summit will not be about social media marketing. Social media will be discussed only to the extent that it is used to foster true community.

By doing so, we hope we can create more opportunities for massively successful communities to be built all over the world by community builders who came away from this event inspired and with a sense of belonging to the community that we create here at the CMX Summit.

Who is CMX Summit built for?

Community Builders – Anyone creating communities from the ground up, online and offline
Community Managers – Professionals responsible for growing and maintaining communities
CEO, Founders and Product Managers – Anyone creating products that require user-to-user interaction”

Information here, registration here.