Building Biotechs to Last: A Sneak Peek at the Agenda for Dec. 9

Xconomy San Francisco — 

What does it take to build a life sciences company that can stand on its own two feet for a long, long time?

There’s no single answer to that question. Lots of companies have different ideas. That’s why I’m excited to bring together a great group of thoughtful life sciences executives on Dec. 9 for our next big Xconomy San Francisco event—“Building Biotechs to Last.”

As usual for Xconomy events, I’ve sought to make this event as lively and interactive as possible. The afternoon will move quickly through a series of focused 15-to-20 minute interviews. The idea is to flesh out a specific story each speaker has to tell about a turning point, or a tough decision, in which they put their company’s long-term strategy ahead of short-term considerations—even when it posed a serious risk.

What we’re really talking about is resilience—the thing that all companies must have in their DNA in order to be great over the long haul.

We have speakers from all over the country who have wrestled with these types of situations. The cast includes characters from development-stage biopharma companies, diagnostics companies, and venture capitalists who invest across the healthcare spectrum.

We have one company that’s sustained itself through a strict focus on R&D, while leaning on partners for commercial help. There’s also one huge company (Genentech) that’s mapped out a long-term plan as part of a global drugs-and-diagnostics enterprise.

Of course, we’ll have time for networking at the beginning, middle, and end of the program. Here’s how you can expect the afternoon to flow:

2 pm Welcome and Introductions, QB3 and Xconomy

2:05 pm Chris Garabedian, Sarepta Therapeutics (interviewed by Luke Timmerman)

2:25 pm Adelene Perkins, Infinity Pharmaceuticals (interviewed by Luke Timmerman)

2:45 pm Stanley Crooke, Isis Pharmaceuticals (interviewed by Danny Levine)

3:05 pm Bonnie Anderson, Veracyte (interviewed by Dan Bradbury)

3:25 pm Networking break

4 pm Kim Popovits, Genomic Health (interviewed by Dan Bradbury)

4:15 pm Paul Hastings, OncoMed Pharmaceuticals (interviewed by Ellen Licking)

4:30 pm Ashley Dombkowski, Bay City Capital (interviewed by Ellen Licking)

4:45 pm Hal Barron, chief medical officer, head of global product development, Genentech/Roche (interviewed by Luke Timmerman)

5 pm Closing VC Panel: Bryan Roberts, Venrock; Bob More, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Nina Kjellson, InterWest Partners (interviewed by Luke Timmerman)

5:30 pm Networking

6:30 pm END

Today also happens to be the last day you can get tickets at the “Saver Rate” discount. We also offer super-discounted rates for students and postdocs. So block off the afternoon of Dec. 9 on your calendar, get your tickets, and prepare to mingle with folks who spend their days thinking about how to make biotech companies sustainable. I look forward to seeing lots of Xconomy readers there in San Francisco on Dec. 9.