API Strategy & Practice Conference

From the event site:

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are changing the face of digital business by enabling new business and technical strategies across many industries. API Strategy and Practice is a vendor neutral and community supported API industry conference to connect API Practitioners and:

Enable new audiences to understand the API space and start API journey’s
Enable leading companies in the API Space to exchange best practice on deploying, operating and using APIs
Enable API Providers to showcase their APIs to build traction
Enable Developers to explore the world of APIs available to power their applications

Who Will Attend?
Leading API technologists,strategists and technology providers
Experienced API Providers showcasing their APIs and sharing valuable hands on knowledge from the trenches.
Developers looking to learn about integrating with APIs or better understand the world of APIs
Others just starting the API Journey looking for a one stop shop to soak up strategy and technology

Why Attend?
Find out how APIs are changing the face of digital business.
Hear from many of today`s leading API technology and business experts and execute an effective API strategy.
Soak up best practice information from many leading API providers – discover what it takes to build a successful API program.
Learn about what leading APIs can do for you.”

Information and registration here.