Subscribed 2013

A user conference hosted by Zuora. From the conference site:

“Gone are the days trying to convince the world the Subscription Economy is here. Today, it’s about educating the world that in order to grow in the Subscription Economy, you must force yourself to rethink everything about your business.

Subscribed 2013 is designed for just that.

Learn how the new operating plan will turn your existing one upside down. How understanding your customer data is the new ticket to driving growth. Why experimenting with pricing and packaging is a do or die situation.

But it won’t be Zuora preaching these strategies. At Subscribed our customers drive the content. In fact, 85% of Zuora’s customers attended Subscribed 2012. So, you’ll hear directly from customers on the frontline how they’ve adapted their business models for the Subscription Economy and walk away with actionable, proven strategies.

And it’s not just about the PowerPoints. Our goal is to foster open dialogue, even lively debate all throughout Subscribed 2013. So, network with thought leaders. Rub elbows with those who’ve launched their business with a subscription offering and are alive to tell it! Hear first hand what it takes to shift from a traditional business model to a recurring revenue model — and from the guys that actually did it. Have a cold one with a Zuora product manager to discuss our product roadmap. Whether you’re a small emerging business or a large enterprise, Subscribed 2013 will transform the way you think about your business, setting your business up for rapid growth.”

Information and registration here.