In-Car Apps

The Autotech Council presents a half-day forum on the convergence of mobile and automotive technology.

From the event description: “Consumer demand for applications is both a threat and an opportunity for car makers. By providing a better in-car app experience, OEMs can satisfy much of that consumer demand, while providing excellent car-specific applications, which take advantage of the unique environment, controls, sensors, and context awareness that a car can provide.

The 2013 JD Power Auto Emerging Tech Study revealed that consumers want their car’s infotainment system to be powered by their smartphone. The only way for carmakers to retain an active role in infotainment is to offer compelling, competitive, and integrated content solutions that differentiate from phones. As part of this effort, the Autotech Council invites you to our In-Car Apps meeting, where we’ll look at some of the in-car apps and app platforms that help carmakers differentiate and win customers back from the smartphone option. Meeting sponsored by QNX.”

Information and registration here.