Health Innovation Summit

Rock Health’s Health Innovation Summit brings together diverse minds from healthcare, technology, and beyond to wrestle with healthcare’s most challenging problems. This one-of-a-kind, high-energy event features prominent thought-leaders and entrepreneurs in raw and insightful conversations you won’t hear anywhere else.

Sean Ahrens, Founder & CEO of Healthy Labs
Steve Blank, Seriel-entrepreneur and Academician
Dr. Kenneth Bradley, Chief Medical Officer of Safeway
Rumi Chunara, Instructor at Harvard Medical School
Giovanni Colella, Founder & CEO of Castlight Health
Dr. Patricia Conolly, MD, Associate Executive Director of The Permanente Medical Group
Laura Deming, Founder & Partner at The Longevity Fund
Susan Desmond-Hellmann, MD, MPH, Chancellor of UCSF
Dr. Bridget Duffy, Chief Medical Officer of Vocera
David Duncan, Journalist & Author
Esther Dyson, HICCup
Christina Farr, Tech Journalist at VentureBeat
Gary Fingerhut, Acting Executive Director & General Manager, IT Commercialization, Cleveland Clinic Innovations
Thomas Goetz, Correspondent at The Atlantic
Jared Heyman, Founder & CEO of Crowdmed
Sara Holoubek, CEO of Luminary Labs
Nadeem Kassam, Founder & CEO of BioBeats
Sharon Knight, Founder of Avik Ventures & President of One Medical Group
Missy Krasner, EIR at Morgenthaler Ventures
Dr. Jason Langheier, Founder & CEO of Zipongo
Aaron Levie, Founder & CEO of Box
Dana Lowell, Director of Advanced Business Development of Faurecia
Tan Le, Founder & CEO of Emotiv
Matt Mohebbi, Co-Founder of Iodine
James Park, Founder & CEO of Fitbit
Dr. Jay Parkinson, Founder & CEO of Sherpaa
Anupam Pathak, Founder & CEO of Lift Labs
Leena Rao, Senior Editor at TechCrunch
Wade Roush, Chief Correspondent at Xconomy
John Sculley,, Digital Health Investor, Former CEO of Apple
Sanjay Shah, Senior Program Officer at the California Healthcare Foundation
Ian Shakhil, Founder & CEO of Augmedix
Dr. Mustaqeem Siddiqui, Director of BD and New Ventures at the Mayo Clinic
Larry Soler, CEO of the Partnership for a Healthier America
Leah Sparks, Founder & CEO of Wildflower Health
Aaron Stoertz, Health Program Manager at Google
Halle Tecco, Co-Founder & CEO of Rock Health
Dr. Pierre Theodore, Surgeon at UCSF
Sonny Vu, Founder & CEO of Misfit Wearables

Information and registration here.