Hire Smart Small Business Event

Intuit and LinkedIn co-sponsor an event on smart hiring practices for small businesses. From the event organizers:

“Given the importance of small business employment in today’s current economy, Intuit and LinkedIn are holding their first-ever ‘Hire Smart Small Business Event’ which will focus on helping small businesses make the right decisions when hiring workers.

The event will happen on April 27th, 2013, at the Mountain View Intuit campus. This free event will offer guest speakers, expert advisors and free resources to assist new and growing businesses. Those in attendance include:

Brad Smith, Intuit President & CEO

Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn CEO and Intuit Board Member

Bill Rancic, Author and “The Apprentice” winner

Rhonda Abrams, Award-winning author of “Hire Your First Employee”

Additionally, anyone that registers will receive three months of Intuit Online Payroll for free as well as a LinkedIn ‘First Hire’ package of premium Talent Finder sourcing access and discounted job listings, a value of more than $400.

The event will also be streamed on Intuit’s website, and participants can also receive personal consulting from specialists, including Abrams, and from experienced small businesses that have gone through hiring successfully in the past.”

Information and registration here.