Startups Offer Webcam Workouts for the Gym-Averse

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simply see if the video-training experience works for you. So far, a couple hundred trainers have already made it through Wello’s training process, and a lot more are still in the queue.

Wello, like competitor Powhow, also offers a different kind of attraction: personal training for the gym-shy. Not everyone likes to strut before bodybuilders in their yoga pants. And having only one person see you wobble through a beginner class might appeal to those who fear the personal training world.

For others, being able to work out with friends who can be located anywhere in the world is a fun novelty too. Silverglide joins her East Coast-based mother in an online workout at least once a week.

Users can also chat with trainers before their sessions to give them a sense of their comfort level with an exercise and what pieces of equipment they have. If there’s a yoga mat or weights and a jump rope at home, that can help trainers tailor the experience.

And that’s where Wello may outweigh other options for many users. It offers real training with a lot of personal interaction, yet none of the friction of going to the gym.

Here’s a video from Wello.

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    Thank you for the write-up! Try a Wello Group Workout for free – enter the code “WelloNow”