Y Combinator: The Secret in This Incubator’s Sauce

The Commonwealth Club’s INFORUM hosts an evening discussion on the success secrets behind Mountain View, CA-based startup school Y Combinator. From the event description:

“Companies like Heyzap, Airbnb, Hipmunk, Reddit and Dropbox are all very different but have one mighty factor in common—they got their initial green and kibitz from Y Combinator. Heralded by Wired as the “most prestigious program for budding digital entrepreneurs,” YC rests on a formula of seed funding, peer networking and a three-month do-or-die boot camp. What is the secret to the Y Combinator sauce that turns out such wildly successful companies? Hear from Y Combinator Partner Harj Taggar and four of its most booming YC graduates to get a look behind the curtain of this Silicon Valley incubator icon.”


Harj Taggar, Co-founder, Y Combinator
Joe Gebbia, CPO and Co-founder, Airbnb
Steve Huffman, Co-founder, Hipmunk and Reddit
Jude Gomila, C-founder, Heyzap

Information and registration here.