A Pivotal Year in Mobile, Energy, Automobiles, Education


[Editor’s note: To tap the wisdom of our distinguished group of Xconomists, we asked a few of them to answer this question heading into 2013: What does your gut tell you will happen in the coming year even though you don’t have data to prove it?]

This is a pivotal year in mobile, we are seeing the app rush turn to a corporate need to support customers in every relationship. How can this happen without people having hundreds of apps loaded simultaneously?

This is a pivotal year in energy. We are seeing consolidation in the renewable resources sector. Still, the improvements in solar inverters and installation will continue to reduce price in installation. We are hitting tipping points in people believing they have to use renewables. New cellulosic ethanol is coming on line but will not replace corn based for several years.

This is a pivotal year for efficient cars. VW used to say they would release a 165-mpg Honda 1-liter [engine] this year, but it might not happen. So many electric vehicles are being released that  it will be amazing if the beautiful Tesla S can meet it production goals. If it does it will be historic change for cars.

As well, this is the year that most car companies are offering some autonomous aspects to their cars. Waze-like travel support is becoming a force, which i think should increase traffic carrying capabilities of roads by at least 10 percent.

The real estate boom will start.

Startup funding will slow.

Coursera and Udacity will get more than 50 universities to offer courses they couldn’t offer without them. All education will start having a deeper online experience.

Dr. Ted Selker is Associate Director of mobility research at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley and a visiting scholar at Stanford computer science department. Follow @

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