Guitar Hero Creator Wants to Make Mobile Games Social, and Put Them on the Big Screen

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it’s open-source, and because it allows background processes like the one needed to communicate with multiple controllers.

But if you’re an iPhone or iPad owner, don’t despair—the company has plans to go cross-platform as soon as possible. “There is nothing in the technology that should prevent us from working on iOS,” he says. “I think there are probably some business policies that Apple has that we will need to negotiate with them. But beyond that, we should be able to support every operating system and every mobile device out there.”

Ultimately, Huang thinks Green Throttle will evolve into an Apple-style company that makes tightly integrated hardware and software. It’s hard for a small company to do both of these things well. But he’s pulled it off before, at RedOctane—after all, Guitar Hero wouldn’t have been nearly as fun (or profitable) without the special guitar-shaped controller.

“We do tackle a lot,” Huang says. “But we believe we have to build the hardware and the interaction and the content to convince people to see our vision of the world.”

Here’s a video made by Green Throttle introducing the company.

Introducing Green Throttle Games from Green Throttle on Vimeo.

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