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and offline classes, workshops, speaking engagements, books, products, and services.

One of the best selling products from The LiveWell! Movement brand is The 7 Day Raw Foods Cleanse, an online course that teaches people how to properly detox the mind, body, and spirit.

The FreshDiet

Not a 1M/1M company, but The Fresh Diet was conceived in 2005 from the idea of bringing kosher meals to homes in Florida. Brooklyn-born Zalmi Duchman suggested this idea to a chef friend when a Google search brought up no results for home meal delivery in the whole state. To get the word out, he used Google AdWords and a $150 ad in the Miami Herald, and the business hit the ground running. Duchman never needed any investment dollars because he got clients right away who pre-paid for meals by the month, giving him enough money to buy food and put gas in his car.

Their meals are no longer kosher but are focused on fresh foods and nutritious menus. Consumers can choose from a variety of menus that provide three meals and two snacks a day, with access to dieticians and online meal planners. By checking off dietary restrictions and disliked foods, The Fresh Diet chefs specifically craft meals to suit the member’s tastes and specific dieting needs.

The first year, Duchman made $300,000. By the end of their second year, FreshDiet did $1.2 million in revenue, making food for 100 to 120 people a day. They then focused on expanding the business to New York and LA. Today, The Fresh Diet delivers to all 50 states.

If you love food and cooking, there are many entrepreneurial opportunities to zero in on. Please get going, and keep us posted!

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