Meet VeeMe: The Virtual Agent Programmed to Think Like Me


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guard that information. The company hosting my VeeMe might have an incentive to see to that there are no “unofficial” (or even “pirate”) VeeMes out there.

Marketers and others don’t get to copy that database, they just get to interact with it. They provide stimuli and VeeMe provides responses. There will be big business in building and maintaining VeeMes. I need excellent security and privacy services—I can’t afford to get my VeeMe stolen or hacked. VeeMe will most certainly be living in the cloud.

I don’t know how long it will take until VeeMe becomes as real as you and me. But the storage and other technologies are coming together; Big Data is accumulating rapidly; we are seeing the arrival of virtual assistants, like Siri, Google Assistant, or MyCyberTwin. We may see a whole ecosystem emerging, probably with the companies presiding over Big Data at the core. That may mean Google, Facebook, or new players that manage to acquire control over access to the data about us.

It’s going to be a new economy, and there will be giant stakes: huge business potential, new ways of doing work and performing transactions, a new realm of ethics and public policy—everything from privacy and security to entirely new problems we can’t imagine today

You and I might think that VeeMe sounds much too spooky for anyone to want to have one. To tell you the truth, it sounds quite scary to me. But I think we will change our minds, step by step, as our digital assistants get better and better at mimicking our behaviors. If our VeeMes are useful, they will make us competitive, and then market forces will push us even more towards cloning ourselves in order to increase our capacities.

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David Nordfors is the CEO and Co-founder of IIIJ. Follow @dnordfors

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One response to “Meet VeeMe: The Virtual Agent Programmed to Think Like Me”

  1. I find this a little spooky, but absolutely fascinating. The more I read and then checked out the MyCyberTwin site, I get it. This could be amazingly freeing for us as both individuals and in the workforce. I especially can see the benefit of application to workforce recruitment and even development.