VC Taskforce 2012 Innovation Catalyst Award Gala

Keynote Speakers:
Recollections of the Draper Family
Franklin “Pitch” Johnson, Chairman, Asset Management Company

Special Guest Speaker
Matt Flannery, CEO Kiva
A Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation Organization

“Silicon Valley, Venture Capital and the Future”
Steve Jurvetson
Managing Director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson

“Fireside chat with Bill and Tim Draper”
Hosted by Ellice Papp
Senior Vice President – Investments, UBS Financial Services
and VC Taskforce Executive Board Member

Drapers Have Shaped VC Industry for More than 50 Years

The Draper family will receive its prestigious 2012 Innovation Catalyst Award (ICA). Every year VC Taskforce honors an individual or group in the venture capital community for distinguished work in innovation and entrepreneurship. The Draper family has, over three generations, invested in and grown hundreds of start-up companies, many of which have become household names, such as Activision, Hotmail and Skype. This year’s ICA Event Gala will be held on Tuesday, October, 30, 2012.

“Venture capital runs deep in the Draper blood,” wrote Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, in the foreword of Bill Draper’s 2011 memoir, “The Startup Game: Inside the Partnership between Venture Capitalists and Entrepreneurs.” “General William Draper Jr. was a pioneering American venture capitalist who started the world’s first limited partnerships. His son Bill, who now has several hundred investments to his name, got started in 1959, before the phrase ‘venture capital’ was even understood. Bill’s son, Tim, is among the most prominent VCs working today. All three Drapers have played an integral role in the unfolding of this fascinating venture capital entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

About VC Task Force:
VC TaskForce was established in 2001 to create a variety of programs that provide information and insight on current strategic and tactical concerns of the venture capital community and the management of venture-backed companies. VC Task Force provides a forum for real-time information exchange and dialogue through panels, workshops, and roundtable meetings conducted by business/industry experts.

Tickets cost $250; information and registration here.