Big Data and APIs Hackathon

From the event registration site:

“AngelHack Events and the Data Week Conference would like to invite you to the first ever Big Data and APIs Hackathon.

This will be one of the first hackathons to allow you to build upon existing code, thus allowing teams to win prizes for integrating Big Data Tools, like New Relic, into their current companies. Don’t worry code monkeys, we also have prizes for those of you looking to hack things from scratch too :)

Interested in Big Data? Come learn tools from some of the best in the business that will help you simplify things and make sense of the madness.

Not interested in Big Data? We’ll have a couple great non Big Data APIs for you to work on too. Come enjoy the food, the people, and the great amenities that AngelHack Events are known for.

Wondering what to expect? Great food -Check! Great Prizes -Check! Complimentary Masseuses -Check! T-shirts -Check! Hackathon toys -Check! A shit ton of people to hack through the night with -Check! Let’s do this!!!”

Information and registration here.