From the event website:

Design is utterly dominating the mobile ecosystem.

It’s determining the winners in consumer & enterprise apps, advertising & payment providers, and even large-scale databases and networks.

The most successful players are focusing on one thing: How to make products, services, and devices as compelling and delightful as possible – both visually, and experientially.

MobileBeat 2012 is assembling the most elite minds to debate how user interface and experience (UI/UX) is transforming every aspect of the mobile economy.

You’ll learn firsthand where the biggest opportunities lie, the pitfalls to avoid, and how to position your company to win on the new “design” battleground. Join us for two days packed with insightful content and high-level networking opps.


1. Tablet: Tabula Rasa “The Tablet Reset”

The tablet’s time is now. Learn why your business is lost if you can’t create a compelling tablet strategy.

2. IT: Consumerization

“Enterprise Grade” is no longer an excuse for subpar design. With the consumerization of IT deepening, you must take control of UI/UX to survive and retain key employees. At the same time, you can’t lose sight of things like security, scalability and rock-solid reliability.

3. Infrastructure/Cloud: Scale is Beauty

Elegant networks and cloud systems are based in good strong design ethics. We’ll explore principles to help you avoid inevitable system failure.

4. Monetization

Monetization is all about UI/UX, end of story. 5 reasons why cleaning up UI/UX will boost everything from advertising, to click-throughs, and more.

5. Retail: Wait, Why Are They Coming?

How do you cope in a world where a mobile device can show customers better offers and then walk them right out of your store? If you can’t capture customers or their device with a good experience, you will lose their pocket books.

6. Designing Distribution

If you’re a hot consumer app, content site, or retailer, you crave viral growth and reach. But the tricks of distribution and engagement are inextricably rooted in UI/UX. As Facebook, Twitter and smaller players like Hipmunk have shown, everything flows from design. Strive, conquer, and win by creating best practices around both UI and UX.

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