BioMentorz: Secret Sauce of Deal Making

BayBio and Morrison Foerster co-sponsor “BioMentorz: Secret Sauce of Deal Making.”

From the event description:

BioMentorz: Secret Sauce of Deal Making is a two-day skill honing course designed to provide participants with the “real world” tools necessary to achieve deal making success. Sharpen your BD skills and go to a higher level of confidence in your ability to nail the appropriate deal for your company. Any stakeholder vital to the company’s deal making process will benefit from this offering. Attendees will be limited to 40 to achieve the right ratio of faculty to attendees to ensure an intense, intimate experience.

During the course, attendees will learn by doing, learn by watching, learn by example, learn from peers, and learn from the experienced faculty. Attendees will get time in the “elevator” to do a pitch, and will have an opportunity to intensively hone their abbreviated, non-confidential company slide deck. This is about the real world; no cute and contrived exercises. The course content is filled with “boots on the ground” tools to systematically increase the likelihood of delivering collaboration deals. The faculty will provide a set of Best Practices for each element of the deal process, peppered with “war stories” of practices that have worked and some that have not.

BioMentorz faculty represent close to a hundred years of BD experience and billions of bio-bucks in deals. Jack Anthony, Gayle Mills and Phil Haworth. Check them out at


Jack Anthony
CEO, Fibralign
Founder, BioMentorz

Phil Haworth

Gayle Mills

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