FailChat Legal: “Protect Ya Neck”

Welcome to FailChats, based on the internationally renowned FailCon: the first conference on startup failures and how to prepare for and recover from them. Trying to do things “right” from a legal perspective can seem costly, confusing and even adverse to the momentum your business is trying to build. Or at least that’s what we thought until we met Anil Advani and Jason Meek. At FailChat Legal: Protect Ya Neck, we will look at the relationship between startup ventures and the law and learn how to leverage that relationship to accelerate growth and create more value for your business. First, Anil Advani will give relevant, immediately applicable guidance on the hidden aspects of the three most common legal mistakes he sees startups make that bite them in the butt later. Then, Jason Meek will share his professional and personal insights into why deals fail and the steps that you can take right now to shape your negotiations toward more successful outcomes.

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