Healthcare Unbound

The Center for Business Innovation presents The Ninth Annual Healthcare Unbound Conference & Exhibition, with a special focus on Remote Monitoring, Home Telehealth, mHealth, eHealth, Social Media & Gaming for Promoting Wellness, Managing Diseases, and
Facilitating Accountable Care. From the conference announcement:

“Innovative technologies are driving opportunities to serve health consumers in new ways and in new settings. In 2002, Forrester Research coined the term “Healthcare Unbound” to encompass the trends toward self-care, mobile care,
and home care. More specifically, Forrester describes Healthcare Unbound as “technology in, on and around the body that frees care from formal institutions.” In addition to dramatically changing traditional health care delivery, Healthcare
Unbound attracts a range of companies that previously have not been deeply involved in healthcare — consumer electronics, telecom, gaming, fitness, and information technology companies to name a few.”

Information and registration here.