Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Biotech Startup & Walking the Line between the University and the Venture Investor

QB3 and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business co-sponsor an evening seminar on challenges for university-based biotech startups.

From the event description:

The presentation will offer a range of views and observations about the unique challenges facing the biotech startup where the core science emanates from the university. Our panelists-representing the point of view of the executive, the university and the venture capital investor-will comment on the tensions and competing objectives faced by the company as it seeks to secure appropriate licensing terms for the commercialization of the IP and investment terms to fund the company’s growth. 

Questions that will be addressed include: 
~ What are the main parameters that influence UCSF’s OTM in licensing out core IP?
~ How much latitude does the company have in navigating between OTM’s objectives and the objectives of the venture capital investor?
~ What are the showstoppers in company organization from the investor’s standpoint?

These and other mission-critical issues will be addressed as our panel discusses investor insights, company requirements and university concerns across this challenging landscape.

Information and registration here.