Smart TV Summit

From the event site: “Deliver winning business models & partnerships to maximise viewer engagement across connected TV platforms. Meet Hollywood studios & broadcasters to gauge the future of content distribution, social integration and viewer engagement across connected devices. Win the battle for the audience: Make the most of premium content through strategic partnerships, companion apps and social integration to retain and engage today’s TV audience. Survive the collision between content & technology: Effective strategies to seamlessly integrate OTT content with linear broadcasts to maximise viewer engagement and retention. Effective brand extension with TV everywhere: Discover how best to control content across multiple devices and the latest DRM tools for “on-the-go” delivery. The importance of the search: Hear how to ensure viewers can find what they want to watch… and understand the solutions that make it easy to search for content. Smart Advertising: Recapture advertising dollars by enabling highly effective brand advertising across multiple screens.”

Information and registration here.