OpenStack Design Summit & Conference

The community around OpenStack, the open-source cloud computing platform, will meet in San Francisco this month. From the conference website: “The Spring 2012 OpenStack Design Summit and Conference are planned for April 16-20th in San Francisco, California. Please start making plans to join us! Note that there are two events that week—look below to see which event(s) to attend.  Which event should you attend? If you are an OpenStack user, provider, researcher, or enthusiast, you’ll want to attend the OpenStack Conference held April 19 & 20th. This is the main event and it includes keynotes, panel sessions, and vendor exhibitors who can help you get the most out of OpenStack. If you are an active developer in the OpenStack community, you’ll also want to attend the Design Summit happening right before the conference (April 16-18th). The Design Summit is kept intentionally small so that we can have productive working sessions as we discuss and plan for development on the next release of OpenStack.”

Information and registration here.