How to Host a Minimum Viable Party at SXSW


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• Post pictures on Tumblr/Posterous/Flickr

• Post a minimum viable Facebook photo album after the event (3 pictures minimum)

Q: Larry Chiang, how do I get VIPs there?

A: I wrote a post about man-charm. I would read and execute that.

Q: How do you make money just giving away space?

A: I make money doing credit card lead generation. Right now I have a monopoly because I executed How to get a law passed for $217. Being a VC is my hobby right now but this fund and my next fund are real.

Q: How did you get the space?

A: I had the space last year. I hosted Pop Up Accelerator and SXSW Christian party.

Q: A Christian party. Seriously?!

A: Yup. I might get a film deal out of that party. I am en fuego like that where deals and awesome-sauce comes pouring out even when I am just goofing around. And I am hosting 11 Oscar parties between now and the 2013 Oscars with my anchor event being the Oscars Fashion party at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Q: Are you joking? I can’t tell if you’re serious.

A: Even when I am joking in tone, I am 100 percent dead serious. You see, if I were serious, you would see what results I get and say, “Larry Chiang is so talented that I could never do what he does.” By being more approachable and seemingly dumb, I motivate smart people to dumb themselves down to the mind-numbing exercise that is entrepreneurship.

So, Seth Levine probably thinks I am full of bullshit, but I am not trying to impress VCs. I am trying to get all y’all entrepreneurs and pre-entrepreneurs to execute and get the knowledge of ENGR145 before you take my Engineering 145 class this summer at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.

Disclosure: I financially benefit from Stanford University and

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Larry Chiang is CEO of Duck9 and teaches Engineering 145 as a Stanford Entrepreneur in Residence. He has a fund called "Larry Chiang Stanford G51 Fund of Stanford Founders." Follow @

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4 responses to “How to Host a Minimum Viable Party at SXSW”

  1. steve says:

    Larry after reading this post I went back to some you wrote on Gigaom. Thanks for keeping a unique angle to your writing.. I’d take an original Larry any day over typified autistic tech.

    Enjoy those cupcakes and have a good sxsw

  2. Is this article in regards to SXSW 2013? I am hosting a few events during Music and would jump at the chance to add to it and expand into interactive as well. What’s next?