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The Future of Robotics in Silicon Valley and Beyond

Will robotics be the next big business in Silicon Valley? Join us for an afternoon of learning, discovery, and discussion.

Robots are inhabiting our homes, helping in operating rooms and hospitals, and taking to our highways, skies, oceans, farms, and battlefields. Futurist Paul Saffo thinks they could eventually transform our economy. But what role will Silicon Valley companies play in this emerging future? When it comes to robotics R&D, the Bay Area has long played second (or third) fiddle to clusters of robotics innovation around Boston and Pittsburgh.

At The Future of Robotics in Silicon Valley and Beyond, a special half-day event hosted by SRI International, we’ll celebrate the impressive and growing accomplishments of the leading robotics companies and laboratories around Silicon Valley and get a close-up look at some of the droids that could change our lives. We’ll also assemble some of the smartest robotics entrepreneurs, researchers, and investors from inside and outside Silicon Valley to explore strategies for strengthening the local robotics industry.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Helen Greiner
    • Founder and CEO, CyPhy Works
  • Mick Mountz
    • Founder and CEO, Kiva Systems
  • Rich Mahoney
    • Director of Robotics, SRI International
  • Curt Carlson
    • President and CEO, SRI International
  • Steve Cousins
    • CEO, Willow Garage
  • John Dulchinos
    • President and CEO, Adept Technology
  • Charlie Duncheon
    • Founder and CEO, Grabit
  • Aaron Edsinger
    • Co-founder, Meka Robotics
  • Brian Gerkey
    • Director of Open Source Development, Willow Garage
  • James Gosling
    • Chief Software Architect, Liquid Robotics
  • Yoky Matsuoka
    • Vice President of Technology, Nest; former director, University of Washington Neurorobotics Laboratory
  • Tiffany Montague
    • Manager, Google Space Initiatives

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Registration: 12:00 – 1:00 pm
Program: 1:00 – 5:30 pm
Networking Reception: 5:30 – 6:30 pm

Full agenda here.

Registration Information

Early ‘Bot Rate (ends Mar. 22): $95
Regular Registration: $145
Startup Special: $50
Student Registration: $20
Walk-in Registration: $195

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