Failchat: Go Fund Yourself!

From the event website: “Welcome to FailChats, based on the internationally renowned FailCon: the first conference on startup failures and how to prepare for and recover from them.

Having a hard time raising money? Failing to manage your funds? Join AppBakr, Intel Capital, SoftTech VC and other leading funding experts to share how you can survive withOUT raising stacks of cash. Whether you believe in organic growth, the power PR, crowdsourcing, or personal investments – it’s time to discuss how to avoid common mistakes and learn how to navigate funding in a way that’s best for your situation.

Each FailChat attracts an intimate and targeted group of early-stage founders and entrepreneurs to discuss the common mistakes and missteps that startups and small businesses take. Beer, wine,non-alcoholic beverages, and appetizers are provided throughout the seminar.

Speakers include:

Christine Herron, Intel Capital

Charles Hudson, Softtech VC

Trevor Cornwell, Appbackr

Information and registration here.