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Whether you major in it or not, a fairly non-trivial amount of computer science would be helpful. The other thing is communication. One of the main things we look for when we are hiring people is their ability to write. It’s something that the average person is pretty poor at, but so much of every job today entails high proficiency at communication. I don’t know that any writing or literature or computer science need to be your majors, but if you are really good at those—if you can write a marketing pitch and put together an SQL query—you are in a really good position to find a job. You can tell a vast amount from how someone writes.

Xconomist Report

Phil Libin is Co-founder and CEO of All Turtles. He is a senior advisor at General Catalyst Partners and Co-founder of Evernote. Follow @plibin

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  1. Today communication is the best solution to improve yourself for every sector like technology, literature,management so on and so forth