OneMed Forum SF 2012

From the event website:

“The 5th Annual OneMedForum San Francisco 2012 January 9 -12th has grown in size and stature to become one of the most important gatherings shaping the future of health and medicine globally. It provides an efficient means to meet the management of the firms shaping the future of the rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

Attendees will include institutional investors, senior healthcare executives and life science executives looking for investment opportunities, market insights, licensing opportunities, acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic partnerships. Held during the largest gathering of healthcare financiers and executives, the 5th Annual OneMedForum SF will feature over 120 of the most promising medical devices, biotechnology, specialty pharma and health information growth companies.

  • It also offers a wealth of strategic investment content including:
  • Panels on creative financing strategies for both early and later stage medtech and biotech companies.
  • On January 9th,The China Forum II will hold discussion sessions on investment opportunities in China.
  • Panels from leading US healthcare providers on the innovations they are currently buying and investing in.
  • Over 50 promising micro cap public companies with exceptional growth potential.
  • Strategies for investing in the rapidly growing Mobile Health & Health information sector.
  • The best medical technologies from 10 leading universities ready for commercialization.
  • Sector Reports on major investment trends and a near comprehensive list of companies.
  • Focused workshops providing strategic insights on specific financial and operational issues.

OneMedForum SF launched in 2008 and runs concurrently with the J.P Morgan Conference, the largest gathering of healthcare financiers and executives. In 2011, more than 1,000 investors and executives attended OneMedForum. OneMedTV will be covering the event to provide companies an efficient means to gain global exposure via digital distribution.”

Information and registration here.