The Big Data Effect

The Churchill Club hosts a dinner discussion on the future of “Big Data.” From the event site:

“Gartner predicts that data will grow by 800% in five years, with 80% of it unstructured. The World Economic Forum recently declared big data as an asset class. We’re only getting started to discover the implications of making better sense of large amounts of unstructured data to uncover business opportunities, strategies, and more. Is big data really an emerging market with lots of innovation, startups, job creation on the horizon? Why did it suddenly become possible? What are the obstacles, and the most promising areas of opportunity? How do you make it real in your organization? Join this group of thought leaders from Accel Partners, Factual, Greenplum, SAS, @Walmartlabs, and McKinsey Global Institute for a conversation that gets beyond the hype about big data.”


Keith Collins, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, SAS

Gil Elbaz, Founder and CEO, Factual

Ping Li, Partner, Accel Partners

Luke Lonergan, Chief Technology Officer, Vice President and Co-Founder, Greenplum, an EMC Company

Anand Rajaraman, Senior Vice President, Walmart Global E-Commerce & co-founder, @WalmartLabs

Moderator: Michael Chui, Senior Fellow, McKinsey Global Institute

Information and registration here.