Therapeutic Focus: Bridging the Valley of Death

BayBio presents an afternoon forum for life science industry insiders. From the event description:

“Large pharmaceutical companies often tap biotech for novel technologies to replenish the product pipeline. Enter the financial crisis of 2009. Restless investors, dormant equity markets, and limited exit opportunities amplified the risk life science innovation faces in the lab.

As the Valley of Death widens, our industry is faced with key questions:

  • Can entrepreneurs continue to streamline their business models while effectively developing novel technologies?
  • Will there be a sufficient number of products moving into late stage development to sustain the industry?
  • What expectations do pharmaceutical companies place on innovation coming from small biotech companies?
  • What will Pharma fund and how will they measure success?

A panel of key industry stakeholders will discuss challenges facing the industry and offer their outlook on the future. They will engage in a thoughtful dialogue with the audience to generate practical and actionable ideas for navigating the Valley of Death.”

Information and registration here.