Hiring Smart & Landing Your Next Tech Gig

Tagged and Girls in Tech present an evening panel discussion on “Hiring Smart & Landing Your Next Tech Gig: An Examination of the Tech Hiring Landscape.”

Moderator: Forbes, Kym McNicholas
Panelist: Tagged, James Takazawa — VP of People Operations
Panelist: Facebook, Sarah Wagener — Executive Staffing Manager
Panelist: Foursquare, Morgan Missen — Head of Talent
Panelist: BranchOut, Rick Marini — Founder & CEO
Panelist: Identified, Brendan Wallace — Co-founder & CEO

As the world faces unprecedented demographic, economic and competitive challenges, recruitment and retention remain top concerns. Recognizing the critical role talent acquisition plays, leading organizations maintain focus on attracting and retaining talented people. Finding, hiring, and retaining the right people remains a challenge through all economic climates.

Amongst this perplexing landscape, employers and job seekers face unique challenges, which call us to step back and evaluate best practices for smart hiring and job acquisition. How are things shifting with talent acquisition processes, incentive packages/programs, technology implementation and marketing strategies within this new recruiting reality?

To assist forward-thinking tech employees and employers with navigating these recruiting challenges and helping to capitalize on current opportunities, Tagged and Girls in Tech are producing a 1-hour panel discussion, followed by a networking mixer. The discussions will provide the tools and insights to hire the best talent for your organization, as well as give tips on how to identify and pursue quality job opportunities.

*All proceeds will be donated to a local charity, in support of women’s organizations

Registration and information here.