DITA Fest 2011

From the event announcement:

The momentum towards adoption of the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) continues unabated. As new companies adopt the standard, and as existing DITA deployments mature, many organizations are now starting to ponder… What comes next?

That’s why SDL and The Content Wrangler invite you attend DITA Fest 2011, an annual educational event for content professionals who are either looking to make the move to DITA or who have already done so, but are searching for new and innovative ways to leverage the structured information standard.

DITA Fest 2011 focuses on how product content can be leveraged across the organization, driving value beyond the walls of the technical publications department. We’ll come together October 25 in Santa Clara, CA to learn from those who have already deployed DITA — what has worked and what hasn’t — and to find out how they plan to use DITA in the future.

Key topics will include:
the expansion of DITA usage to other groups such as Engineering, Training, Support, Field Service and Marketing
the ways in which SME collaboration is changing with DITA
how DITA can lead to improved, interactive customer experience

Information and registration here.