App Conference and Hackathon

From the Engage Digital Media event website:

App Conference and Hackathon – October 26-27, 2011 in Santa Clara – addresses key components of App development, marketing and revenue. Join us for:

– Programming and design strategies from visionary developers
– Best methods for marketing and revenue.
– Case studies from top app developers.
– Latest analysis and insight from market researchers and investors.
– Keynote: Walmart’s mobile app development strategy.
– Keynote: How Pandora took its app to over 200 platforms.
– Platform Wars: trends and what’s next

And much more. You’ll hear from more than 80 expert speakers in 6 conference tracks. You’ll hear from Walmart, ESPN, Pandora, Netflix, Nissan, Nielson, BMW, Microsoft, Bump, Samsung, AT&T, Qualcomm, Intel Capital and dozens of other companies that are developing and monetizing great apps.

Information here, registration here.