BioExec Open Access: Fireside Chat with David Kessler

The UC Berkeley BioExec Institute offers an evening fireside chat with Dr. David Kessler, the former commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. From the event description: “Former FDA Commissioner, David Kessler, M.D, J.D. made huge gains in improving the FDA’s throughput and jurisdiction to make the biopharma industry more productive and valuable. Since that time, the FDA has been under fire to live up to this legend of judicious yet expeditious drug approval. In the midst of landmark legislation on biosimilars and healthcare reform, a company’s path from R&D to commercialization through the FDA has become even more complicated and risky, particularly for investors. Join former FDA Commissioner, David Kessler, M.D, J.D. for perspectives on working with the FDA. Understand the complexities of the FDA and the best practices you will need to get your products to market in a way that maintains or grows shareholder value.”

Information and registration here.