Evernote Trunk Conference

Evernote, the Mountain View, CA-based provider of the well-known online notekeeping service, will hold a day of sessions designed to help developers take advantage of the Evernote platform. The details are below, courtesy of Evernote; information here, registration here.

The Evernote Trunk Conference (ETC) is a full day of sessions, workshops and discussions designed to help you take advantage of the Evernote platform. You’ll learn how to kick off your API project, hear success stories from fellow entrepreneurs and discover ways to improve your daily use of Evernote.

Guest speakers:

Gordon Bell
Gordon is a principal researcher at Microsoft working on lifelogging and cloud computing. His famous MyLifeBits project is documented in his recent book: Total Recall

Tim Ferriss
Tim is a master of lifestyle design, an angel investor and a bestselling author of the The 4-Hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Body.

Guy Kawasaki
Guy is the founder of Alltop and bestselling author of numerous books, most recently Enchantment.

Roelof Botha
Roelof is a partner at Sequoia Capital. His portfolio companies include Square, YouTube, Tumblr, and Evernote, among others.

Michael Hyatt
Michael is a publisher, speaker and writer on topics relating to leadership, productivity and Evernote.

Evernote sessions

Inside the Evernote Architecture with Dave Engberg
A dive into the infrastructure and decisions that keep Evernote running.

Taking Full Advantage of the Evernote API with Seth Hitchings
Learn how to make the most effective, efficient use of Evernote’s web service API.

Developing a Rich Application for Windows Phone 7 with Damian Mehers
Evernote’s Windows Phone 7 developer describes what it took to release a full-featured Evernote client for a young platform.

Evernote Newbie to Ninja: Awesome Evernote Tips with Brett Kelly
Learn from the guy that literally wrote the book on Evernote. These are the tips and tricks you need to know to make the most of Evernote.