GreenBiz Verge 11 Webcast

Verge 2011, an invitation-only conference for cleantech entrepreneurs, is offering a free live webcast of its proceedings.

From the event description: “VERGE describes a convergence of energy, information, building, and vehicle technologies. This convergence is leading to a new wave of innovation along with radical new efficiencies and leapfrog advances in sustainability for business and society.

The GreenBiz VERGE Virtual Conference brings you into the conversation. This interactive event gives you access to a livecast symposium in San Francisco, as well as two pre-conference discussions livecast from Shanghai and London. At the VERGE virtual conference you will:

  • Learn about the converging technologies and the new wave of innovation that results.
  • Discover the opportunities for technology companies, as well as others ventures that provide related products and services.
  • Understand the changes VERGE will bring to business strategy and operations.”

Webcast information here.