See You Tonight at Bay Area Life Sciences 2031

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Will the San Francisco Bay Area continue to be the world’s No. 1 hub for life sciences innovation 20 years from today? What kind of impact can we expect this next wave of GenenExers to make? Or will San Francisco lose its mojo to other places with high quality of life and low cost of living?

These are some of the themes I plan to explore tonight at our first big biotech event here in San Francisco, called “Bay Area Life Sciences 2031.” This event will be held in one of the real hotspots in local life sciences—Genentech Hall at the UCSF Mission Bay campus. If you are a procrastinator who hasn’t booked a ticket yet, you might be out of luck. But you can give it a shot at the door, as registration starts at 5 pm, followed by the program at 6 pm, and a high-powered networking hour starting at 7:30 pm.

Here’s the lineup of speakers you can expect to hear from tonight.

Reg Kelly, director of QB3

Jeff Bluestone, executive vice chancellor of UCSF

Corey Goodman, managing director of venBio

Peter Hirth, CEO of Plexxikon

Randy Scott, executive chairman of Genomic Health

Dave Martin, CEO of AvidBiotics

Mickey Urdea, CEO of Tethys Bioscience

Nancy Stagliano, CEO of CytomX Therapeutics

Bill Newell, CEO of Sutro Biopharma

I’m really looking forward to this event, as it’s a great opportunity for me to meet so many sources and readers together in one place. Part of my role here is to facilitate conversation between the panelists and the audience, so please come ready with a few probing inquiries to fire away at those of us on stage. See you there tonight.

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One response to “See You Tonight at Bay Area Life Sciences 2031”

  1. Jason Chew says:

    Nice lineup- Jeff, Corey, Peter, Randy. Awesome