Zynga Grabs Bonfire Studios

Dallas-based Bonfire Studios, a maker of popular PC and Xbox 360 games such as Age of Empires and Halo Wars, is the latest game studio to be snapped up by Zynga. The San Francisco maker of online social games announced the acquisition on its blog. “Starting today, Bonfire Studios becomes Zynga Dallas and will be developing original IP for the company,” the announcement said. Bonfire’s founders will stay on, with David Rippy serving as general manager, Bill Jackson as creative director, and Scott Winsett as senior art director.

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One response to “Zynga Grabs Bonfire Studios”

  1. Friend says:

    No. Bonfire definitely DOES NOT make Age of Empires and Halo Wars. That’s Ensemble Studios. Check your facts. Correction needed.